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Warranty request

You must fill in the form below in order to apply for warranty coverage. Do not send the products under any circumstances, as you will need a case number for this purpose. The procedure is as follows:

1. Fill in the form

Please fill in all the fields and provide a clear description of the reason for requesting warranty coverage. After sending you will receive a confirmation email.


2. Review

Your request will be reviewed within 48h whereupon you will receive further instructions. Additional information may be requested.


3. Case number

If your request qualifies for warranty coverage, you will be issued with a case number. This is the only way to return goods for possible repair or replacement. Never return goods without a case number.


Company Name

Contact Person

E-mail *

Prefix Land + Telephone Number

HiQ Article Ref. + Qty for which you request warranty

Describe the reasons for your warranty request


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